Legal Recruiting Software: The Future of Hiring

Welcome to our article on legal recruiting software! In this digital age, human resources departments are looking for ways to streamline their hiring process, and legal recruiting software has emerged as a game-changer. For law firms and corporate legal departments, finding top-tier legal talent quickly and efficiently is a critical component of success. With the aid of legal recruiting software, recruiters can automate the hiring process, identify the top candidates and track the progress of applications in real-time.

What is Legal Recruiting Software?

Legal recruiting software is an innovative technology that assists law firms and corporate legal departments in hiring top-notch legal talent. The software streamlines the recruiting process by automating job postings, identifying potential candidates, and monitoring applications. It can provide valuable insights into a candidate’s background, experience and skills, as well as track the progress of applications,saving valuable time for recruiters.

How Does Legal Recruiting Software Work?

Legal recruiting software uses cutting-edge technology to scan and analyze resumes, cover letters and other documents provided by job applications. It can quickly identify the top candidates for a particular job, based on specific criteria set by the recruiter, such as years of experience, education, and specific legal skills. The software can also automate the tracking of applications, schedule interviews and send automatic notifications to candidates with their progress. It can save recruiters countless hours of work and improve the overall hiring experience for both recruiters and candidates.

Why Use Legal Recruiting Software?

Legal recruiting software offers many benefits to law firms and corporate legal departments, including:

Legal recruiting software automates the hiring process, significantly reducing the time needed for recruiters to identify and screen candidates.
By streamlining the recruitment process, legal recruiting software can help law firms and legal departments save on costs associated with hiring.
Improved Quality of Hires
Legal recruiting software can help recruiters identify top talent quickly, which can result in higher quality of hires.
Better Candidate Experience
With legal recruiting software’s automation capabilities, candidates receive notifications about their application status, making the recruitment process a better experience for them.

Benefits of Legal Recruiting Software for Law Firms

Legal recruiting software can be especially beneficial to law firms. Here are some of the ways implemented legal recruiting software can assist law firms:

1. Faster and More Efficient Hiring

Legal recruiting software allows law firms to automate job postings, assist in resume screening, and schedule interviews. This helps law firms to find their desired candidate sooner and even faster.

2. Enhancing Diversity in Hiring

Legal recruiting software has the potential to reduce bias when it comes to hiring by applying a structured approach that is based on objective criteria. Using this approach, the company can select the best candidate based on the required criteria without making any biased decisions.

3. Finding Candidates with the Required Skills

With the aid of legal recruiting software, law firms can specify the experience and skills they are looking for in a candidate. The software can scan resumes and other application documents more accurately, highlighting those who have the specific skill sets required for the job.

Important Features to Look for in Legal Recruiting Software

When choosing legal recruiting software, you should consider the following important features:

1. Resume Scanning and Parsing

Legal recruiting software should be able to parse all components of a candidate’s resume effectively. The software should be able to extract text from scanned copies of resumes and integrate the core data into the system effectively.

2. Automated Job Posting

The ability to publish job requirements across job boards or social media platforms automatically is an important feature of legal recruiting software. This feature allows recruiters to obtain a larger pool of applicants and save time compared to manually posting job requirements.

3. Collaboration Tools

Legal recruiting software should provide the capability for the recruiters to work together for a particular opening to discuss and conduct candidate assessments.

4. Reporting

Legal recruiting software should provide insights into recruitment data with advanced reporting and analytics capabilities that can help recruiters track the performance of hiring managers, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven hiring decisions.


Q1. What kinds of law firms benefit from legal recruiting software?

Legal recruiting software can benefit law firms of any size that have a need for streamlined and efficient recruiting processes. Small law firms, midsize legal firms or corporate legal departments find it more useful than larger ones due to their size of the recruitment team.

Q2. How much does legal recruiting software cost?

The cost of legal recruiting software depends on factors such as company size, the number of openings, and the level of customization required. Some software solutions can be purchased for a one-time fee, while others require monthly subscription fees.

Q3. What is the best way to choose legal recruiting software?

The best way to choose legal recruiting software is to research different options, read reviews and compare the benefits and features of each product. It’s important to choose a software that fits the needs and budget of the law firm or legal department.

Q4. Can legal recruiting software eliminate bias in hiring?

Legal recruiting software can help mitigate bias by automating the recruiting process and providing structured data that can guide hiring decisions based purely on objective criteria. However, bias elimination can depend on the data recruiters use to screen candidates.

Q5. Can legal recruiting software improve recruiting KPIs?

Yes, legal recruiting software can help recruiters save time and increase efficiency, resulting in an improvement in recruiting KPIs such as time to hire, quality of hire, and the number of applicants per job post.

Q6. How does automation with legal recruiting software help recruiters?

Automation with legal recruiting software reduces the amount of time and effort required for recruiters to screen resumes, schedule interviews, and provide updates throughout the hiring process. Automation also reduces the chances of human error in the recruitment process.

Q7. Can legal recruiting software integrate with existing HR systems?

Depending on the software, legal recruiting software can integrate with existing HR systems, such as applicant tracking systems (ATS) and HR information systems (HRIS), helping to streamline the entire recruitment process.

Q8. How does legal recruiting software improve the candidate experience?

Legal recruiting software improves the candidate experience by providing automated emails and updates throughout the recruitment process. This saves candidates time and keeps them informed of their application status.

Q9. What are the benefits of using legal recruiting software for law firms?

Legal recruiting software offers benefits such as cost savings, the ability to hire faster and more efficiently, enhanced diversity in hiring, and improved quality of hire.

Q10. Can legal recruiting software integrate with LinkedIn?

Some legal recruiting software integrates with LinkedIn, allowing recruiters to source candidates directly from the platform.

Q11. What are the downsides of legal recruiting software?

The downsides of legal recruiting software can be a high cost, data security concerns, and dependence on technology that may fail.

Q12. Does legal recruiting software use AI technology?

Yes, legal recruiting software often uses AI technology to automate the recruitment process, parse resumes, and analyze data.

Q13. What are some of the top legal recruiting software solutions?

Some of the top legal recruiting software solutions include iCIMS, JazzHR, Breezy, and Avature.


Legal recruiting software is an essential tool for law firms and corporate legal departments in today’s digital age. They are efficient, cost-effective and provide valuable insights into candidates’ backgrounds, experiences, and skills. By automating the hiring process and eliminating human error, legal recruiting software enables recruiters to find the best talent quickly and efficiently.

We hope this article has been informative and has provided insight into legal recruiting software’s benefits and features. It’s time to adapt to technological advancements and streamline your recruitment process with legal recruiting software.


The information provided in this article is for general guidance and informational purposes only. We are not responsible for any decisions made based on the information provided in this article. We recommend consulting with HR professionals or legal experts before making any hiring decisions.